How Does Honda Sport Mode Work?

Honda Sport Mode Overview - Germain Honda of Surprise

When it comes to performance-focused vehicles, Honda has continued to push the boundaries of power and exhilaration for decades. Fun-to-drive characteristics of Honda vehicles have made them some of the most coveted in the industry among drivers both young and old. One performance-related feature worth highlighting is the Sport Mode button found on various different Honda models. If you’ve ever wondered how this innovative feature works, you’ve come to the right place! Germain Honda of Surprise has created this handy guide that explains how this exciting feature works along with its availability by model. Let’s get started.

Honda Civic Drive Mode Button

What is Honda Sport Mode?

Across the Honda model lineup, you’ll notice several different models that offer an innovative drive mode system featuring individual settings that adjust the drive characteristics of the vehicle. Contained within this innovative feature is Sport Mode, an individual drive mode setting that lets you prioritize performance and sharpen handling at the touch of a button. Certain models like the Civic Sedan and Civic Hatchback feature an intuitive toggle switch while others have a dedicated button for the setting. In addition, select Honda vehicles feature steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters that provide additional control of gear changes when used in conjunction with Sport Mode.

Honda Accord Drive Mode Settings

How Does Honda Sport Mode Work?

Next, we’ll take a close look at how the revolutionary Honda Sport Mode setting works. The first step is to select Sport Mode using the Drive Mode button or lever inside your Honda vehicle (when equipped). Pressing the button or toggling the lever will bring up the Drive Mode menu on either the center touchscreen display or the driver information center located on the gauge cluster of the vehicle. Once Sport Mode is selected, you’ll typically see a dedicated icon or indication once the feature is activated.

With Sport Mode engaged, you’ll instantly notice that your Honda will prioritize certain characteristics. Suspension settings will be adjusted and models equipped with the adaptive damper system will become more firm to improve handling. Both throttle and engine response will be sharpened to boost acceleration. Even on models like the Civic Type R, you’ll hear a more aggressive exhaust note under heavy acceleration. On automatic transmission variants, shift points will be adjusted to rev higher and maximize the power band using paddle shifters.

Honda Civic Si Sport Mode

Which Honda Models Have Sport Mode?

Currently, the following Honda models offer Sport Mode as either a standard or available feature:

  • Accord Hybrid
  • Civic Sedan
  • Civic Hatchback
  • Civic Si
  • Civic Type R
  • CR-V Hybrid
  • HR-V
  • Pilot

Honda Sport Mode FAQ

Does Sport Mode stay activated after I shut off my Honda?

No. Sport Mode must be activated each time you start your Honda vehicle. The vehicle will automatically default to the standard drive mode setting and will require you to select Sport Mode each time.

Do all Honda models have Sport Mode?

Sport Mode is currently available on select Honda models. You can find a complete list of Honda models with Sport Mode provided above.

How do I know if Sport Mode is active?

On most Honda models equipped with Sport Mode, you’ll notice an indicator either on the touchscreen display or on the gauge cluster. Certain models also include exclusive red LED lighting when Sport Mode has been activated.