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Honda Oil Change Services in Surprise, AZ

It used to be that the only choice Honda owners had to make regarding engine oil involved its weight and how it affected the viscosity. But before we go any further, let’s clear up a common misconception. The ”W” as in 5W-20 or 10W-30 stands for winter, not weight. It refers to how viscous or thick the oil will be in cold temperatures. Learn about different oil types on this page, then schedule an oil change service at Germain Honda of Surprise.

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Conventional Oil Change

Conventional Oil Change

A 5W grade of oil will be thinner, thus flowing better than a 15W grade oil in winter, and lubricating the moving parts quicker during those cold morning starts. The second number, the one after the ”W” refers to hot weather viscosity, or how thick it will be in summer. So, a 10W-30, being less viscous, will flow better than a 10W-40 when the temperatures are high. Today, however, the choices have tripled. In addition to conventional oil, we now have full synthetic and semi-synthetic oil.

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Full-Synthetic & Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Full-Synthetic & Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

The names describe the oil well:

  • Fully synthetic engine oil contains no conventional oil at all. It is made entirely from chemical compounds.
  • Oil is classified as semi-synthetic if it contains 30% or less synthetic oil. Most semi-synthetic oils are blends of mineral oil and crude oil.

The first semi-synthetic oil was introduced to the world by the MOTUL Corporation in 1966. Five years later they followed it up with fully synthetic oil. For many years, synthetic oil was used only in performance cars. But now, it’s common to find manufacturers recommending it for mainstream autos because its low viscosity improves fuel economy, enabling the engine parts to move more quickly.

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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Oil

Since synthetic oil is a designer product, it has several built-in advantages over conventional oil.

  • It lasts longer since it’s formulated to resist breakdown.
  • Stands up to higher temperatures better, keeping engines running longer.
  • Flows readily in cold weather, reducing engine wear caused by frigid starts.
  • Synthetic oil has one con in that it is more expensive than conventional oil.

A Word of Caution

Although synthetic and semi-synthetic oil holds up better than conventional oil, this doesn’t mean you should delay regular oil changes. If you aren’t sure what the recommended interval is, check your owner’s manual or if you are a Honda owner in the greater Phoenix area ask the experts at Germain Honda of Surprise.

Honda Certified Oil Changes in Surprise, AZ

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Germain Honda of Surprise in Surprise, AZ, attracts Honda owners from as far away as Glendale and Peoria because we use genuine Honda OEM parts and accessories. Drivers in Maricopa County can schedule oil change services online or by calling. Then, enjoy our amenities while you Honda receives its oil change service.


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