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Hondas are marvelous cars, and they can last a long time if you’re good at keeping your vehicle in excellent shape. One of the easiest ways to ensure the long life of your Honda vehicle is by giving it a synthetic oil change, which is the longest-lasting type of oil change there is. Synthetic oil is chemically bolstered and optimized for your engine, giving it the ability to form less sludge and degrade less quickly as it lubricates your engine. We provide those synthetic oil changes at our service center at Germain Honda of Surprise.

The Process of Changing Your Oil

A synthetic oil change is much like any other oil change, except the oil put into your car at the end is full synthetic oil. However, it’s still necessary to drain out the old oil and sludge by opening the oil drain plug, then switching out the oil filter for a new one. Once all that’s completed, the oil drain plug can be closed and filled with up to six quarts of synthetic oil.

The Difference Synthetic Oil Makes

Synthetic oil, as mentioned above, is chemically bolstered to work better in your engine. Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic oil and conventional oil and can give you some of the benefits of synthetic oil. Conventional oil is a basic motor oil that is an industry-standard for the lowest-cost oil change. Synthetic oil lasts between 7,500 to 10,000 miles in your car’s engine, which means you change your oil a lot less when you choose synthetic oil, which can save you money.

We Use OEM Synthetic Oil and Oil Filters

When we replace your oil with new oil, we want to ensure it’s the best oil for your car’s engine. That’s why we use OEM oil and oil filters in our replacements so that you can get the optimal performance that Honda intended. Honda’s engineers design OEM oil and filters to go into your car, so you never have to worry about your new oil or filter giving you problems.

Honda Synthetic Oil Changes

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