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Your Honda’s tires require not only regular replacement but also routine maintenance. Finding a shop that can provide high-quality tires that fit your car and quality care and upkeep can be challenging. Germain Honda of Surprise’s Tire Center can provide an assortment of brand name tires to fit your Honda no matter the make and model and also provide the care you need to keep your Honda on the road and driving smoothly.

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Certified Tire Services

Your car’s tires endure heat, cold, rough road conditions, and a variety of different hazards every day. Over time your tires can become worn out, lose tread, develop punctures, or become misaligned or out of balance. Tire servicing not only keeps your car operating at optimum efficiency but can also increase the life of your tires.

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New Tire Installation

We carry a large selection of Honda tires specifically designed to fit your Honda vehicle. We can also install new tires for you!

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Tire Pressure & Tread Checks

Don’t risk being slowed down by a flat tire when a tire pressure and tread check is quick and easy. If your tread is low, we can recommend new tires for you.

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Tire Patching & Repairs

Just because a tire is losing air doesn’t mean it has to be replaced. In some instances we can simply patch and repair the hole so you can get right back on the road.

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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is the process of moving the tire positions. The front tires typically take on more wear than the rear set so we can switch them around to even tire wear and extend tire life.

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Tire Balancing

With tire wear and uneven road conditions, your wheels can become unbalanced. Tire balancing involves placing mini weights in specific spots on a tire so the weight is evenly distributed across the entire wheel. This promotes even wear and tire life.

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Two or Four-Wheel Alignment

Have you noticed your vehicle not driving straight despite the steering wheel being centered? This likely means you need an alignment. We can provide a two-wheel or four-wheel service.

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Why Do My Tires Need Maintenance?

Lack of proper maintenance can cause several issues that make driving difficult and become a possible safety hazard. If your wheels become misaligned or are not balanced correctly your Honda’s handling can be negatively impacted making driving more difficult. Your tires will wear down faster, and your fuel efficacy may be negatively impacted. Issues with the tires themselves can cause a lack of grip, reduced responsiveness, and possible blowouts during regular driving. A tire blowout is not only an inconvenience but can lead to accidents or leave you stranded.

Germain Honda of Surprise Tire Center

When looking for tire services for your Honda there are several different mechanics and tire shops to choose from. However, if you want help from trained professionals who truly understand Hondas and their tire needs, bring your car to Germain Honda of Surprise. We proudly serve drivers of Surprise, Arizona, greater Maricopa County, and customers from nearby Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria.

Honda Certified Tire Department in Surprise, AZ

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We also offer many amenities to improve your automotive experience. These amenities include a comfortable waiting area, Starbucks Coffee and beverages, a golf simulator, putting green, well-stocked vending machines, and a kid’s zone to keep your children entertained. To take advantage of our certified technicians and amenities, you can schedule service online or with our helpful staff over the phone.


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