Honda Minder Maintenance

Honda models nowadays have a great feature that’s known as the Maintenance Minder System.

The Features and Benefits of the Maintenance Minder System

This feature makes it easier than ever to know when your Honda vehicle is in need of servicing. Getting service when you need it is essential for avoiding mechanical failure and severe inconveniences. Prompt service also keeps maintenance costs down by preventing mechanical malfunctions. The Maintenance Minder System is great for knowing when you need service. However, you need to understand how the Maintenance Minder System works to take full advantage of this great feature.

The Honda Maintenance Minder System is designed to basically replace the maintenance schedule. With this system, you’ll see an indicator light go on when you’re due for service. This system keeps track of the mileage on your vehicle as well as other factors including engine temperature. It is designed to notify you through dashboard indicators when you need oil changes or other types of routine services such as a tire pressure checkup, fluid top-off, brake component inspection, or tire rotation.

Maintenance Minder Service Description Minder Interval Price
A1 Indicates engine oil and filter should be replaced and a tire rotation performed. Multi-point inspection over the entire vehicle. First minder to come up on vehicle. Will be accompanied by 15% oil life. $89.95
B1 Indicates engine oil and filter should be replaced, inspection of various systems and componnents, clean and adjust the parking brake, fuel additive run through system, and tire rotation performed Second minder after A1 is completed; will rotate between A1 and B1 service after. Will be accompanied by 15% oil life. $139.95
Sub minders below
2 Replace air cleaner element, inspect drive belt, and replace dust and pollen filter. Every 15,000 $129.95
3 Replace transmission fluid. Vehicle will vary depending on transmission type. Reach out to us regarding your vehicle type Every 30,000 Prices Vary
4 replace spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, and adjust valves. Tensioner may also be needed. Speak to an advisor for pricing Every 100,000 or 7 years Price Vary
5 Replace engine coolant with Honda long life antifreeze/coolant Every 5 Years or 60K Miles $189.95
6 Replace Rear differential fluid (AWD) with Honda DPSF-II First minder to come up at 15,000 miles then 30,000 mile interval after that. $139.95
7 Replace brake fluid with genuine Honda DOT 3 brake fluid. Every 3 years or 30,000 Miles $154.95

Honda Maintenance Minders

Fuel System Services

Perform Every 2 Years or 25,000 Miles

Throttle Body Service* $119.95 +tax
Decarbonization Service* $119.95 +tax
Fuel Injection Service* $119.95 +tax
Complete Fuel System Service* $359.85 +tax

Vehicles less than 10 years old and under 150,00 miles are eligible and/or fuel system coverage. Ask your advisor for details.

Our Complete Fuel System Preventive Maintenance Service

  • Cleans Fuel Injector Deposits
  • Cleans Carbon From Intake Valves
  • Cleans Carbon Deposits from Piston Tops
  • Cleans Throttle Body Deposits

Honda Fuel System Service

The Importance of Clean Fluids in Your Honda

In order to keep your Honda running at its best, it is crucial that you keep up on any fluid exchanges and cleanings. If fluids are not properly taken care of, debris and build-up deposits can decrease the efficiency and may start to cause damage, ultimately lessening the lifespan of your Honda. Services on the Honda fuel system, brake fluid, transmission fluids, power steering, and differential/transfer case can ensure the fluids are checked and properly cared for. Doing this will encourage a safe, cool, and efficient operation of your Honda, meaning it will last longer and can help avoid any larger costly repairs. Ensure your Honda gets the best care by following the Honda Maintenance Minder on your dashboard and trust our technicians at Germain Honda of Surprise to care for your Honda in Surprise, AZ.


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