Honda Road Departure Mitigation System

Honda Road Departure Mitigation System

What is Honda’s Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM)?

A part of the Honda Sensing technology suite, the Road Departure Mitigation System is designed to help keep you from accidentally straying off the road. If your car gets too close to the edge of the detected road without an accompanying turn signal, the Honda Road Departure Mitigation System will activate a warning in the Driver Information Center. If the vehicle continues toward the edge of the road, the system is able to apply braking and steering torque to get the vehicle back onto the right path.

How Do I Use the Road Departure Mitigation System?

The Honda Road Departure Mitigation System is designed to work intuitively, and is engaged automatically anytime that you’re driving, unless you manually deactivate it. The system is an extension of the Lane Departure Warning system, and uses the same windshield-mounted camera to scan for painted lane lines, cat’s eyes, and Botts’ Dots on the road surface. The system works in much the same way as the Lane Departure Warning system as well, first displaying a warning and then prodiving braking and steering assistance to keep the vehicle headed in the right direction.

Which Honda Vehicles Have Road Departure Mitigation?

Fortunately, every new Honda model with Honda Sensing either have Road Departure Mitigation as an option or come with it as standard. This is just one part of Honda’s ongoing commitment to safety, and why Honda is an industry leader in this field.